How to Choose the Right Size of Gravel

Gravel has long been a popular material for landscaping due to its versatility and variety. However, with so many stone types to choose from, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

Luckily, our article can explain how to choose the right size of landscaping stone to best suit your needs and the reasons why.

Gravel size for flowerbeds

Gravel can work as a great alternative to wood mulch in flowerbeds in your garden or for surrounding trees as it tends to stay in one place and prevents evaporation from the soil surface. For best results, opt for mid-size gravel of around 20mm, ideal for areas not too muddy and where the stones are small enough to be packed in tightly but still allow airflow.

Drainage gravel size

Gravel can be placed at the bottom of plant pots to create excellent drainage and prevent roots from becoming water-logged. It can also be very effective as guttering, as it helps prevent splash-back during stormy weather. We recommend opting for a gravel size between 30mm-50-mm for drainage purposes as this allows water to flow easily.

Gravel size for rock gardens

A rockery can be a striking feature in a garden and help certain plants to thrive. The good thing about rock gardens is that they do not tend to be disturbed by foot traffic, giving you more options. We recommend a gravel size between 20-40mm as a top layer, which thankfully has a wide variety available to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Type of gravel for pathways

When considering pathway gravel, it is important to select a size that is both hardwearing and comfortable underfoot. Try going for gravel that is around 10-14mm in size, as this will not move around as much.

Driveway gravel size

Driveways typically need extra care and require different layers of gravel to ensure stability for vehicles. We recommend larger stones around 40-70mm to create a solid foundation, then work down in size, ending with a top dressing of approximately 20mm.

Size of Gravel: Final thoughts

We hope our gravel size guide has given you some insight on how to choose the right size of gravel.

Here at Bexley Sand and Ballast, we are specialist builders’ merchants who offer a wide selection of aggregates and quality gravel to suit any use, taste and budget. If you would like to get in touch with us about your project, we are happy to discuss your requirements with you.


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